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Google to Show Videos from Instagram and TikTok in Search Results

Google, one of the leading search engine giants, seems to be trying to strengthen its bond with social media platforms. Google, which previously showed Twitter shares in search results by agreeing with Twitter, plans the same for Instagram and TikTok.


Many companies come to the fore with unfair competition issues today. When this subject comes up, the first US technology giant Apple comes to mind. The company, which was in lawsuit with Epic Games due to the discussions due to commission, had to allow alternative payment methods on its platform.

Google has also been the focus of discussions with issues such as being biased in search results. If these disputes, which have already cost the company 8 billion euros, are not resolved immediately, the costs seem to increase even more. The company, on the other hand, tries to make its platform as neutral as possible in order to prevent such situations.

According to the information gathered by the people in the industry, Google is in talks with ByteDance and Facebook. The details of these talks, about showing TikTok and Instagram videos in search results, are not yet clear. But it is quite possible that this will appear as it is currently on Twitter.

A spokesperson from Google has confirmed that they are in talks with these platforms to display the content on the said social media platforms in search results. However, no information was shared about when the feature will appear on the search engine.

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