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Wanted by Interpol, Ronnie Brunswijk played and distributed money in his room

Wanted by Interpol, Suriname’s Vice President Ronnie Brunswijk took the field as the captain of the CONCACAF Champions League with his Moengotapoe team.
In the CONCACAF League (North and Central America and the Caribbean Football Confederation), an unprecedented event has taken place on football fields. Surinamese team Moengotapoe hosted Honduras representative CD Olimpia in the match, and former rebel leader and current Suriname Vice President Ronnie Brunswijk, who is also the owner of the club, took the field as the captain.

Born in 1961, Ronnie Brunswijk took the field wearing the number 61 shirt. Struggling with his son Damian, who plays as a striker for the same team, Brunswijk started the match in the starting 11 and remained on the field for 54 minutes.

Handed out money in the locker room

Inter Moengotapoe, owned by Brunswijk, lost 6-0 against Olimpia. The images shared on social media after the match carried the match to a different point. Ronnie Brunswijk, who entered the CD Olimpia locker room after the 6-0 loss, distributed cash to the opposing team players. After those images reflected on the cameras, it is seen that Ronnie Brunswijk left the dressing room with the Olimpia jersey.

‘He is the owner and president of the club’

During an interview with Inter Moengotapoe coach Jozef Joekoe after the match, “Why did you play the 60-year-old man?” the question was asked. In response to Joekoe; “He is the owner and president of the club, he wanted to play for 15-20 minutes, so I played him,” he said.

He received two prison terms

Ronnie Brunswijk, who has a very interesting history, was sentenced to 8 years in prison in the Netherlands for drug trafficking in 1999 and 10 years in France the following year, but Suriname escaped because he did not sign an extradition treaty. Brunswijk entered parliament in 2005 and became vice-president in 2020. Brunswijk, who cannot leave Suriname because he is wanted by Interpol for drug trafficking crimes, will not be able to play in the rematch.

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