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They fooled Ronaldo! badly scammed

Ronaldo, who plays for Manchester United, was scammed by an officer at the travel agency company.
The employee working at the agency called Goastar knew Ronaldo’s credit card passwords and embezzled 288,000 euros.
Officer Maria Silva arranged 200 trips in this process and covered the expenses of these trips from Ronaldo’s credit cards.

According to the news of Spor Arena, quoting Jornal de Noticias; Because of this case, Christiano Ronaldo secretly testified by going to Portugal by private jet.

It was stated that Silva had previously defrauded Nani, Manuel Fernandes and Jorge Mendes and obtained 350 thousand euros. It is reported that he was sentenced to 4 years for this.

Silva was arranging private flights for many football players and easily accessed credit card information due to his location. Small charges made on credit cards were then transferred to Maria Silva’s account. He was also organizing imaginary trips to fill the gap.

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