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The Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Istanbul

Istanbul, a huge metropolis where 16 million people live, is known for its always crowded streets, traffic, chaos and many other things. The 9-day holiday announced on the occasion of Eid-al-Adha has been a good opportunity for many people to relieve the stress experienced throughout the year. For this reason, many people who make holiday plans especially in Istanbul have started to go to their hometowns or holiday destinations. Many people who could not go to holiday resorts or their hometowns decided to stay in Istanbul and spend the holiday enthusiasm in Istanbul, which will be quieter than normal days. There are many alternatives for those who will spend their holiday in Istanbul. These alternatives are as follows;

The Hagia Sophia Mosque
Hagia Sophia Mosque is undoubtedly one of the must-see places for those who want to visit Istanbul. Hagia Sophia, the apple of the eye of the Historic Peninsula, is visited by many people every day of the week after its opening for worship. Its historical background attracts visitors. The Hagia Sophia mosque, which was destroyed and rebuilt three times over the years, served not only as a mosque but also as a church and museum. The Hagia Sophia mosque offers its visitors many unique views from both the church and the mosque.

Topkapi palace

Topkapi Palace, the 400-year-old administrative center of the Ottoman Empire, which ruled for more than 600 years with its lands in Asia, Europe and Africa, the magnificent empire of a period awaits its visitors. With Topkapı Palace, where you can witness the ceremonies and events that took place during the Ottoman Empire, you will feel like you have traveled in a time machine. Within the scope of the tour, it is possible to see the Harem section, the Cardigan-ı Saadet Department and the Privy Room section, the Babü’s Saade section and the Köşkler Garden sections.
Grand Bazaar

The Grand Bazaar, the favorite of the historical Peninsula, which has been active for almost 550 years, offers a tremendous experience for its visitors. The Grand Bazaar, where you can find many things from handmade carpets to jewellery, from spices to various Turkish delights, also offers you a historical atmosphere with its structure.

Basilica Cistern

The Basilica Cistern, whose construction was completed during the Byzantine Period, was used to meet the water needs of the city during the period it was built. Today, the Basilica Cistern, which can be visited by many, awaits its guests with its enormous columns and Medusa statue.

Galata tower

Galata Tower, one of the indispensable elements of Istanbul landscape photos, offers its visitors a magnificent view of Istanbul. Built almost 1500 years ago, the tower continues to make thousands of guests fall in love with it every day. In addition, the fact that the lovers who go to the tower together will marry each other is just one of the rumors about the Galata Tower.

Aya Yorgi Monastery

Fascinating both with its history and its nature, Büyükada is also home to the Aya Yorgi Monastery. Aya Yorgi Monastery, visited by thousands of people throughout the year, was built in 1751 on Yücetepe, the highest peak of the island.

Maiden’s Tower

The Maiden’s Tower, one of the symbolic structures of Istanbul, offers its visitors a magnificent experience in the middle of the sea. The Maiden’s Tower, which can be easily seen from the Üsküdar coast, is one of the places where marriage proposals are made frequently. The Maiden’s Tower, which is currently used as a restaurant, can be visited every day by boat from Üsküdar between 09:00 and 18:45.

Ahrida Synagogue

Ahrida Synagogue is the only synagogue in Istanbul that was built before the conquest of Istanbul. Ahrida Synagogue, located in the Balat district of Istanbul’s Fatih district, awaits its visitors with its striking structure. Ahrida Synagogue, the largest synagogue in present-day Turkey, was built before the conquest of Istanbul by the Jews who migrated to Istanbul from Ohrid, Macedonia. One of the most striking features of the Ahrida Synagogue is the prayer platform called Teva, which means Noah’s ark, and draws attention due to its boat bow shape.

Rumeli Fortress

Rumeli Fortress is a fortress built by Mehmet the Conqueror during the conquest of Istanbul to cut any aid to Byzantium. Completed in 90 days, the fortress is one of the most curious spots in Istanbul and has been standing for centuries. Known for cutting the throat, Rumeli Fortress is also known as Boğazkesen Fortress. Today, Rumeli Fortress is used as a museum where cannons, cannon balls and chains that closed the Golden Horn during the conquest of Istanbul are exhibited. Open-air concerts and events were also held in Rumeli Hisarı, which is located right across Anadolu Hisarı with its city walls.

Yoros Castle

Yoros Castle, one of the structures built by the Eastern Romans before the conquest of Istanbul and located on the Black Sea ridge of Beykoz, offers its visitors a unique nature experience as well as a magnificent historical experience. Yoros Castle, which was conquered by the Ottomans in 1391, is a castle that has been under Turkish rule for centuries. You can also have a delicious breakfast at the cafe located just below the Yoros Castle, one of the places where the Bosphorus view is quite good.

6 Autumn Routes in Istanbul

The autumn of Istanbul, which has a different beauty in every season, is also a different joy. The autumn air brings a wonderful freshness after the hot days of summer. Isn’t it one of the best things to do in autumn to put on a thin coat and take a walk on the tree-lined paths among the dried leaves?

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