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Scientists explain diet of elixir of youth that prolongs life

US scientists have uncovered a nutritional system that will help dramatically increase life expectancy. Stating that a low-carb diet should be applied, scientists said that such a diet is the ‘youth elixir’.
Experts from the Buck Institute for Aging Studies warned that excessive carbohydrate consumption puts a great metabolic pressure on the organism. It has also been noted that high sugar levels can lead to obesity, slowed metabolism, cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure and even cancer.

That’s why those who want to prolong their life should follow a low-carb diet, scientists said such a diet is the ‘youth elixir’.


Experts noted that the best low-carb diet is the ketogenic or keto-diet, which is high in fat and low in carbohydrates. Stating that this diet helps to protect memory and movement functions and prolong life expectancy, experts emphasized that keto-diet also has a positive effect on type 2 diabetes patients.

Scientists said that the most important rule of prolonging life is plant food consumption. It was reported that research conducted on volunteers showed that plant food consumption reduced the risk of cardiovascular disease by 16 percent.

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