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Countries that require travel insurance

What do we know about travel insurance, which covers the risks such as any accident, injury, health problems, etc., during the insured person’s travel abroad, within the selected limits within the time frame determined?

If you are planning to go abroad, it is important to have a passport first of all. In addition to this, knowing the economic and social conditions of the country you are going to and preparing accordingly will be beneficial.
The most important problem, or rather, one of the applications we encounter during visa procedures is travel insurance…
Do you know what to do about travel insurance?
Travel insurance is an insurance policy that covers the insured person’s risks such as any accident, injury, health problems during his trip abroad, within the selected limits within the time period he has determined.
Here are the basic questions and answers on this topic:

How is the travel insurance period determined?
You need to get your policy before you start your trip. The start date of the insurance should be chosen as the day that you will leave the borders of our country and abroad. You must select the end date as the day you will return to the country.

Why is it important to have overseas travel insurance?

Travel health insurance is a document that is required among the visa documents for your travel to the countries where a visa is required.
It also covers your treatment costs in case of a sudden illness or accident that may happen to you abroad.
In case of death, it provides the transfer of the body to the country.
In addition, depending on the scope of your package, it also provides you with assurance against the risks that we may have to face abroad with luggage loss or various assistance services.
Is a travel policy mandatory?

Yes, it is mandatory. Travel policy is required by consulates for flights to countries with visa application.

Can the policy period be extended if the travel time is extended?

You must get a second policy, provided that it does not exceed 92 days. If your extended travel time exceeds 92 days, you need to get a long-term health policy from a different company.

Can a travel policy be made for those under 8 years old?

It can be done provided that one of the parents or guardians is also included in the policy.

Is there an age limit to have travel health insurance?
No, there is no age limit.

What is Erasmus travel health insurance?

It secures you against unexpected situations that you may experience during your education abroad. It is an insurance product that insures you by covering your treatment costs abroad. The duration of the policy is determined depending on the education process of the person who will take out the insurance and can be 3 months, 6 months or 1 year.

What are travel health insurance considerations?

It is important that the following information is correctly determined for travel health insurance.
Start and end dates of your trip abroad
The country or countries you are going to

Countries that require Travel Insurance

Germany consular
Dutch Consulate
Spanish Consulate
Italian Consulate
Swiss Consulate
Swedish Consulate
Finnish Consulate
Norwegian Consulate
French Consulate
Icelandic Consulate
Danish Consulate
Luxembourg Consulate
Belgian Consulate
Portuguese Consulate
Greek Consulate
Hungarian Consulate
Consulate of the Czech Republic
Polish Consulate
Bulgarian Consulate
Romanian Consulate
Austrian Consulate

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