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Xiaomi’s Smart Glasses Coming From Iron Man, Court Decision Surprising Famous TikToker

As the Webtekno team, we try to keep you informed of important developments. We wanted to remind you of some news that we think you may have missed during the past week.
We witness new developments every week in the constantly changing and developing technology world, and we try to convey these news to you in detail. In the past week, there have been very important developments in the world of technology.

In this content, we have brought together both the prominent developments of the last week in the world of technology and the remarkable contents of the week for you. Let’s take a closer look at all these news.

Highlights of the past week
Apple Introduced the iPhone 13 Family, Which Has Turned A Corner With Its Price: Here are the Features and Turkey Price
iphone 13

Apple’s fall launch event, which is eagerly awaited every year, took place last Tuesday. The most anticipated product at the launch, where the new iPad and Apple Watch were also introduced, was undoubtedly the iPhone 13 family. You can see all the features of the models, the cheapest of which starts from 11 thousand liras, in our related news.

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