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Why We Bend Everything: Hisense Announces The World’s First Bendable Screen Laser TV

China-based TV manufacturer Hisense has announced the world’s first rollable screen laser television. The television, which has not yet been sold, can be reserved for 1 dollar on the website.
Foldable screen technology has become very popular in recent years. Especially in the last year, foldable screen phone works or promotions of brands such as Huawei, Xiaomi, Apple, Oppo, Google, OnePlus and Vivo, especially Samsung, have come to the fore frequently. Lenovo and Samsung announced that they are working on this technology in their laptops. In fact, at the end of last year, LG launched a foldable screen television.

However, the Chinese-based Hisense television manufacturer company introduced the world’s first rollable, rollable screen television, Hisense Laser TV. The first and only TV of its kind, unveiled at the Global Laser Imaging Technology and Industry Development Forum, is scheduled to go on sale later this year.

“This is just the beginning”:

The company has previously applied for more than 70 patents related to the bendable screen laser television. When we examine the design of this successful television, first of all, its minimal frame draws attention. Produced using aerospace-grade high-tech materials, this television meets the flatness and rigidity requirements as well as the flexibility requirements of curls. Working with full color laser technology, this new Hisense Laser TV has a large 77-inch screen panel. With its 4K ultra-high HDR resolution, 107% BT.2020 ultra-wide color gamut and 350 nits brightness, it offers users a beautiful experience.

The new laser TV features the Transvision visual engine and Harmon Kardon speakers for theater-level performance. For a top-notch audio performance, Dolby sound effects come with DTS dual decoding support. The company says it offers a theater-like experience when the television screen is turned on, and an opera house-like experience when lowered. Yu Zhitao, Vice President of Hisense Group Holding Company, introduced the new television with the words: Laser screen is a series of space solutions. Hisense’s world’s first bendable-screen Laser TV is just the beginning.

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