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Why Are ASMR Videos With Millions of Viewers So Much Interest?

If you feel a strange pleasure that starts in your neck and spreads to your entire back while watching someone whispering or doing a simple daily task, then you know the ASMR effect. What are ASMR videos that create such feelings in people, why do they attract so much attention, let’s take a closer look.
In recent years, you may have seen videos of people watching videos on YouTube and Twitch, or doing mundane daily tasks on different social media platforms, or videos of people talking in whispers. These shares, called ASMR videos, are actually being prepared to trigger the ASMR effect that people have felt for many years, but cannot name.

The ASMR effect is not a scientific term. However, it has become accepted by everyone in recent years, as it expresses a feeling that people commonly experience and cannot describe. Videos that trigger the ASMR effect, which in its simplest definition express a meaningless pleasure, have become very popular lately. Let’s see what ASMR videos are, why they are watched so much, and what is the scientific explanation.

What is ASMR?
The Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, or ASMR effect, defined by Jennifer Allen, a Facebook user in 2010, is the pleasurable tingling that a person feels in the face of a meaningless situation. This pleasure effect, which generally starts from the neck and spreads to the whole back and gives goosebumps, is felt by many people, even though it is not scientifically defined.

Even though the ASMR response, which we can call the pleasure response to a meaningless effect, is often compared to sexual pleasure, people who experience this effect clearly reject this relationship. While the effects of sexual pleasure are generally specific, the factors that create the ASMR effect often change, even periodically.

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