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What You Need to Know to Use Your Twitter Account Like LinkedIn

Have you ever thought that Twitter can be more than just a social media platform that you use to access entertaining content, that it can open the doors of the business world to you? Let’s take a closer look at some tips you should know about how you can improve your Twitter account and use it like LinkedIn.
Fun images are shared on Instagram, funny words and news on Twitter, and business developments on LinkedIn. Really? Have you ever thought that your Twitter account can open the doors of the business world to you? A Twitter user named Aadit Sheth, who prepares growth models for the business world, thought about this and shared some tips for using your Twitter account like LinkedIn.

It may sound strange when you first hear it, but why do you have to settle for just getting interaction on Twitter, where you can easily attract the attention of many world-famous names? The manager of that big company you dream of working for one day also uses Twitter, it shouldn’t be hard to get his attention. Let’s take a closer look at what you can do to use your Twitter account more professionally and attract the attention of the business world.

Here are some tips you need to know to use your Twitter account professionally like LinkedIn:
Turn your Twitter account into a showcase for business.
Build your own custom audience.
Make effective posts that will go viral.
Discover topics of interest with advanced search.
Determine the level of your social relationships.
Make lifelong business friendships.
Turn your Twitter account into a showcase for business:

Use Twitter Lists to focus only on what’s happening in your business.
In addition to current news, you can follow events that took place on certain dates by filtering them.
Get a much more productive Twitter experience by muting distracting, uninteresting accounts.
Make sure your profile bio accurately describes you.
Share more effectively by creating Twitter newsletters.
Follow the topics that interest you, regardless of user accounts, so you don’t miss out.
Feel free to interact with users that interest you and express your opinions.
Enjoy a much more efficient Twitter experience with the Google Chrome extension called Minimal Twitter.
Twitter is a social media platform that you can easily get lost in when there is no purpose. However, if you use some of its important features, you can exist on this platform as a real professional and you can reach both the topics that interest you and the users you may be interested in much more easily.

Create your own custom audience:

Follow with accounts that don’t hesitate to interact with you.
Be sure of what audience you want to reach.
Create an identity that accurately describes yourself by customizing your profile.
Target an existing audience instead of trying to create a new one.
Actively post on a specific plan to exist as a content producer on Twitter.
Remember that it is important not to produce a lot of content, but to produce quality content.
Work to have the power to direct the audience you create on Twitter to other areas.
Share content that will direct people to different links.
Share interactive content that will activate your target audience and interact with you.
Who and what you tell on Twitter is also extremely important. It can be difficult to reach an audience of millions of people, starting from scratch. However, you can reach users who will approach your posts with interest in a short time by going step by step and determining your target audience correctly.

Make effective posts that will go viral:

Identify top-of-the-line topics that people genuinely care about.
Create your own, unique approach to a topic that is being talked about by everyone.
Feel free to create a flood or direct your followers to different links with an interesting headline.
Choose catchy and effective sentences that lead people to interact.
In order for your content to spread, first try to reach a limited audience.
As in all social media platforms, Twitter has an agenda that changes instantly. Instead of writing two lines about this agenda and retreating, you can share things that will reach a much wider audience by doing some research on the subject and enriching it with your own thoughts.

Discover topics of interest with advanced search:

As we explained in our article here before, Twitter offers a detailed search feature that is not available on many social media platforms. When you search using this feature, you can reach details that no one knows about the subject in question and you can capture much more different perspectives.

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The data you reach at the end of the advanced search will enable you to use Twitter in a much more professional way. Instead of repeating what everyone knows, you should use Twitter’s advanced search feature to talk about little-known details, to catch up on a specific location-specific agenda, and to find the posts of people that interest you much more easily.

Determine the level of your social relationships:

If you only use Twitter for fun, it doesn’t matter what you do as long as you follow the Twitter Community Guidelines. However, if you want to use this platform as a professional like LinkedIn, there are some important points to consider.

Do not confuse the language you use in your daily life with the language you transmit on Twitter.
Make sure that the ‘deer’ you make with your close friends stay private.
No matter who you interact with, do not exceed the limits of respect.
Feel free to like, Retweet and quote your favorite posts and express your own opinions.
Feel free to send private messages where necessary.
Do not share or comment on matters that you are not sure about.
Make sure the images you share present a professional look.
Build friendships that will last a lifetime:

Focusing on your Twitter account may seem like a futile effort, or you may think that there is a social media platform today, but there is no tomorrow, but this is not the case at all. Many Startup companies established in recent years made their first breakthroughs on Twitter. Moreover, some of these startups reached their first investors through this platform.

Even if Twitter comes and goes, the connections you make here can be permanent. After all, every user account you see has a real owner, and since these people work in the same industry as you, they may one day be your coworker, boss or employee. For this reason, it is useful to approach the people you interact with on Twitter correctly.

Strengthen your communication with people you interact with on Twitter and who work in the same industry as you. Get their e-mail addresses, phone numbers, exchange ideas on different topics and even visit their office one day. Be sure, keeping these seemingly insignificant communication channels open may one day play a role in unexpected developments in your business life.

We talked about the tips you need to know to use your Twitter account as a true professional like on LinkedIn. It may seem that each social media platform has a certain usage area, but remember, the purpose of the platform will be how you use it.

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