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We Have Another Foldable Phone Like Nur Ball: Foldable Google Pixel Fold May Coming This Year

After Samsung, Google took over the foldable phones, one of the most popular technological innovations of recent times. Google’s foldable model, the Pixel Fold, may have been released by the end of the year.
Until recently, foldable phones sounded like futuristic devices from the future; but now Samsung has already rolled up its sleeves for its third more affordable foldable model, the Galaxy Fold Z.

New reports indicate that Google will also be included in the race with the Google Pixel Fold, which has been around for more than a year, and may finally take the throne from Samsung.
According to new reports after rumors that have been circulating for a long time, the Google Pixel Fold will be launched in the next few months. Evleaks; In his statements on Twitter, he announced that the foldable Pixel, codenamed “Passport”, could go on sale before the end of this year, after a two-year development process.

What’s more, 9to5Google has found evidence that may belong to another Pixel Fold model – or at least an updated model – dubbed the “Jumbojack”. For now, although not much is known about these two devices – of course, if there are really two – we can say that the developments have excited technology lovers.

There are a few things about a foldable phone running Android 12 that has not yet been released that Google has tested. During testing, there is talk of a new “stance” in the Android API. The posture controls control the positions you’d typically find on a folding phone, such as open, closed, half-closed, flipped, or hinged. Although this feature is not available in Android 12, we will probably see it in Android 12.1.

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