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Warning To Tesla For Autopilot System From Authorities: Tesla Must Fix Basic Safety Issues First

Tesla received a warning from the National Transportation Safety Board. The board said the company needed to address key security issues before expanding Autobilot systems.
Jennifer Homendy, chairman of the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), said in an interview with Wall Street Journel that Tesla needs to address key safety issues before expanding its “totally self-driving” (FSD) mode.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk, who said earlier this month that the company aims to release a wider FSD version by the end of September, mentioned that he wants to offer a “public beta button” to his customers; however, before these vehicles are ready to drive on city streets, an update must first be made to the software designed for driving on highways.

The advanced driver system is overrated:
Jennifer Homendy

Homendy harshly criticized Tesla for “full self-driving”, which he described as “misleading and irresponsible”, “leading a lot of people to misuse and abuse technology.”

According to documents obtained by legal transparency group PlainSite in May, Tesla’s director of Autopilot software told the California Department of Motor Vehicles that Musk had overestimated the capabilities of the advanced driver assistance system, which was the forerunner of the FSD.

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