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The Known Company Is Crazy: Elon Musk Announces When Starlink Will Leave the ‘Beta’ Version

Elon Musk announced when the internet project Starlink, which has been filling orbit with satellites for a while, will exit the beta version. Musk shared this information on Twitter, as always.
Starlink, the satellite internet project of Elon Musk’s space transportation company SpaceX, has made a name for itself with its many satellites sent into orbit for a long time and the speed and coverage of the internet it will offer. Starlink, which has been serving in beta for a while, will be made available all over the world as the number of satellites increases and the work is completed. In this way, the target speed will be reached.

There are questions about Starlink, which creates excitement with the high internet speed it will offer, about when it will exit the beta version. Although there is no clear explanation from the Starlink front on this issue, Elon Musk has clarified the situation with his answer to a question on Twitter.

Starlink exits beta next month:

A follower of Elon Musk ‘When will Starlink be released from beta?’ His answer to the question was ‘next month’. This means that Starlink, which offers data rates between 50 MB/s and 150 Mbps during the beta period, can reach the high speeds it promised in the near future and will start to serve in a wider area.

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