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Tesla Starts Work For The Cheapest Electric Car

esla has confirmed that it is working on an affordable electric vehicle. It is being discussed what kind of design the vehicle will have, which is unclear when exactly it will be released.
Electric vehicle manufacturer giant company Tesla is working on a more affordable car than its counterparts. Although the vehicle, which is thought to have a tag of around 25 thousand dollars, is expected to be put on sale in 2023, a clear date has not been specified by the company.

The company reported that since the main focus of this model is China, it also had its design done there. This model could be the ‘Chinese style’ electric car mentioned by the company in an R&D last year. It is thought that the vehicle, which is planned to be produced in China and exported to the whole world, will have a design suitable for international users. However, the company has not yet made an official statement about how the model will look.

Tesla EV(Electric Vehicle) design by Kolesa

Russian automobile platform Kolesa has released its design on what the Tesla EV might look like. This new model will compete with electric vehicles such as the Opel Corsa E or Renault Zoe at the Tesla selling price. However, it is thought that Tesla EV will surpass its competitors with the range performance it offers thanks to the smallest battery available.

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