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Research Hidden by Instagram Revealed: “We Distort Body Image of One in Three Girls”

It turns out that Facebook is hiding important research on the negative impact of Instagram on young people. According to the news of the Wall Street Journal, Instagram causes anxiety and depression in young people. It affects the body image negatively, especially for young girls.
Although social media has become a difficult part of our lives to give up, it seems that the opinions about its harm will never end. So much so, of course, that these views are not baseless claims that pop up out of nowhere. As a matter of fact, the harms of social media and its effect on young people have been the subject of research and academic texts for many years.

These researches are not limited to research by journalists, academics, curious or skeptical. Social media companies also conduct various researches on their own channels. An internal research conducted by Instagram, which is owned by Facebook, reveals some realities and dangers. The fact that Instagram hid this research pushes us to question again and again about trust in social media channels.

Anxiety, depression and body image
instagram damage
According to the results of research that is kept secret, Instagram increases anxiety and depression in young users, negatively affects their psychology and body perception. In the presentation of the research conducted in 2019 and hidden, there are statements such as “We are making the negative body image of one out of every three young girls even more negative and spoiling it”. In addition, it was stated that 6 percent of young people in the United States and 13 percent in England felt the desire to kill themselves because of Instagram.

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