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Opportunistic Hunt: Ministry Pursues Vehicle Dealers Who Haven’t Lowered Prices Despite the SCT Change

Vehicle dealers that do not lower their prices after the SCT base change are on the radar of the Ministry of Commerce. Inspectors will be appointed to inspect the dealers, and fines will be imposed on businesses found to be opportunistic.
Especially in the last few years, our country’s economic problem categories have been constantly updated. While market prices, greengrocer prices, meat prices, house prices, rental flat prices, car prices are also on our agenda and it seems that it will not be on the agenda for a long time. The phrase “there is no vehicle in stock” has started to be heard from dealers so much that citizens who want to buy a car think that their vehicle is an endangered creature.

A change was made in the SCT base in the past months, after citizens who had to pay at least one vehicle price for a car they would never ride, while they were only going to balance the money and buy a vehicle by being forced, due to the SCT. However, the Ministry of Commerce took action after this change did not come to some dealers.

“Inspections started immediately”
Zero Vehicle

In August, the Special Consumption Tax (SCT) bases were changed and as a result of this change, there were discounts in the prices of zero kilometer vehicles. However, some of the dealers did not reflect the discount on the prices. It was claimed that the dealers tried to sell the zero-kilometer vehicles in their stocks as second-hand vehicles at a high price by making an agreement with the dealers for some reasons. Following the complaints, the Ministry of Commerce announced today that inspectors related to the subject have been appointed and that the detected businesses will be fined.

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