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Lawsuit After Apple: A Crypto Investor Sues Apple For Stealing An App’s Investment

It seems that Apple is not getting enough of lawsuits these days. A lawsuit against the tech giant also came from a crypto investor who claimed his cryptocurrencies were stolen because of a malicious app he downloaded.
A crypto investor has filed a class action lawsuit against Apple Inc. over the theft of cryptocurrencies over a malicious app he downloaded from the App Store.

Plaintiff; He claims that Apple knew the app was malicious but took no action on it.

Not informed that their financial information was compromised:

Hadona Diep, a full-time cybersecurity IT specialist based in Maryland, USA, filed a lawsuit against Apple. Claiming that the company had authorized a “malicious app” on the App Store even though he knew about the crime, Diep further accuses the company of failing to notify him and other class members that his financial information was compromised.

The lawsuit states, “Plaintiff downloaded the app known as Toast plus from the Apple App Store to his phone in or around March 2020 because he knew, or at least thought he knew, that Apple had thoroughly reviewed the apps before allowing them on the App Store. “ and “Toast Plus was a version of Toast Wallet, a well-known cryptocurrency wallet with similar names and the same or nearly identical logo used for the app on the App Store. “The statements are included.


The lawsuit also states that in January 2018, the plaintiff transferred approximately 474 XRP from crypto exchange Bittrex to a secure crypto wallet called Rippex; however, a month after Rippex shut down, the plaintiff accessed his coins via the secure wallet and linked his “private XRP key or a seed emoticon to Toast Plus in 2021. “There is talk of.

The lawsuit document states, “As Plaintiff intends to keep XPR as an investment and not actively trade it, he did not control the Toast Wallet Plus app after entering the seed statement. Plaintiff checked his account on Toast Plus in August 2021 and discovered that, in addition to not having XPR in his wallet, his account was “deleted” on March 3, 2021.

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