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It’s Not Called ‘Challenge’ Anyway: TikTok Bans the Current That Drives Users to Steal Items from School

ikTok announced that it has banned another stream called “devious licks” with at least 122 thousand shares. This trend, which caused young people to steal something from their schools, did not escape the attention of the administrators. A spokesperson said that they are working to make TikTok safe at all times.
TikTok, the most popular social media platform of recent years, is known for frequently appearing in strange trends. Moreover, some of them cause public reaction because people harm themselves or someone else. In fact, the company often makes a statement and says that dangerous streams are banned from the platform. Now, such a development has occurred again. TikTok announced that it has banned another challenge that has become a trend in many countries.

TikTok has already brought countless craziness into our lives. However, the latest trend was pushing students into public theft. Because in the posts made under the title of “devious licks”, the students were only stealing something from their schools. The fact that everything from a microscope to a projection machine was included in the posts made with the subject title did not escape the attention of the users and the platform management.

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