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Honda Is Working on the Brain to Develop a Better Driver Assistance System

Honda, one of the world’s leading car manufacturers, has explored the depths of the human brain to develop more powerful technologies that will make the driving experience safer. It is expected that this very promising research will take up to 30 years to yield results.
Japanese car manufacturer giant Honda; For one of his new projects, he turned to behavioral neuroscience to develop a driver assistance system that makes driving safer.

If the project is successful, Honda hopes that by the middle of this century, none of its vehicles equipped with a driver assistance system, where it researches the brain to tailor safety features to individual drivers, will be involved in an accident.

The main cause of accidents is the inability of the driver’s brain to respond appropriately to environmental conditions:

Honda researchers at the National Institutes for Quantum and Radiological Science and Technology, a government-sponsored research institute focused on quantum science in Chiba, a city near Tokyo, viewed MRI images showing the brain activity of a person using a driving simulator. One of the researchers observed that the driver did not see the vehicle’s surroundings.

Researchers are conducting a study to identify cognitive dispositions and perceptions necessary for safe driving by comparing the brains of people who drive safely with those of people more prone to accidents. To do this, they must first determine which part of the brain is responsible for a particular cognitive task. “The main factor behind human error that causes accidents is a brain that is unable to help a person respond appropriately to environmental conditions,” explains one of the researchers.

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