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General Motors’ Joking Advice to Bolt Users: Park Your Vehicles At Least 15 Meters From Other Vehicles

An advice came from General Motors, the manufacturer of Chevrolet Bold, which recently caught fire and damaged the houses and vehicles around it, as if making fun of vehicle owners. According to the manufacturer’s recommendation, Bolt users should park their vehicles at least 15 meters away from other vehicles.
General Motors; It advises owners of electric Chevrolet Bolt vehicles to park their vehicles at least 15-16 meters away from other vehicles. The reason is to reduce the risk of sudden fire.

The Detroit automaker has requested the return of approximately 142,000 Bolt model cars that have been sold since 2016, citing the risk of their batteries suddenly catching fire. For now, General Motors, which has sacrificed $ 1.8 billion in reclaim costs, is also buying cars from car owners who are not at all satisfied with the situation.

General Motors hopes to get the bulk of the cost out of LG Corp:
General Motors

The company hopes to cover most of the cost from LG Corp, the manufacturer of the battery. The company’s advice for this situation is a bit confusing for vehicle owners who use their Bolt model vehicles more limitedly in order to prevent the battery from heating up and a possible fire.

The parking guide, which recommends parking their vehicles at least 15 meters away from other vehicles, is an application that can be almost impossible to implement, especially for users living in the heart of the city.

This feature of the Bolt, which can go 259 miles on a full charge under normal conditions, is limited by the guidance of General Motors to prevent a possible fire. Another piece of advice from the automaker to Bolt owners is to limit the charge to 90%, charge the vehicle more frequently, and not discharge the battery below approximately 70 miles of remaining range. It is also recommended that they park their vehicles outside immediately after charging and not leave them on charge overnight.

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