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Facebook Blocked from Tracking iPhone Users Trying to Find Backdoors for Ads

Facebook is trying to rule out the fact that it will not be able to follow users with the features that iOS 15 will have, thanks to new features. Announcing new features in this context, the company seems to fit the Facebook-Instagram-WhatsApp trio more closely together.
US-based technology giant Apple will launch iOS 15, the brand new operating system that will bring iPhones to life on September 20. This operating system will enable an important process to begin for users and mobile application developers. Thanks to the new privacy and security features that Apple will make available, mobile applications will be prevented from tracking users. This will directly complicate the work of all advertised applications, especially Facebook.

Not ignoring that the decision taken will make it difficult for the ads to be shown to the right people, Facebook announced that it has developed new features and will make them available in the near future. These features seem to bring Facebook and Facebook-owned WhatsApp and Instagram closer together. The new features of Facebook, which is said to be forced to dispose of the applications it has a while ago, suggest that the rumors are not cared for.

Here are the new features of Facebook that will be available in the near future

According to the statements made by Facebook, users will be faced with the opportunity to choose the categories they are interested in in the near future. This feature, which will be available on Facebook, will allow users to determine their interests. In fact, a user will have the opportunity to easily access the posts related to a category he is interested in. However, the main purpose of this feature will be to show ads according to the user’s interests.

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