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European Travels Restart

Visa applications started to be accepted for touristic visits of Turkish citizens to countries in the Schengen area.

The ‘Digital Vaccination Certificate’, which has been on the agenda for a long time, was recently accepted in the EU Parliament.

So, which countries have travel restrictions lifted for now?
Bulgaria, Spain, Hungary and Greece are currently accepting visa applications on the condition that they have been vaccinated.

There is no Covid barrier in touristic trips to Germany, Austria, Estonia, France, the Netherlands and Malta.

With the Covid 19 Pandemic, restrictions on international travel all over the world continue to be replaced by new normals. However, the conditions that vary from country to country can be confusing when traveling to the Schengen Area.

Tuğba Helvacıkara, the official of Turkey’s new online flight ticket sales application, cheapucuparmak.com, made a statement to our agency regarding this issue regarding the passengers and said: “If our citizens, who are not EU citizens and travel with a visa, cross to another EU country after entering a country within the EU borders, the rules of the country they will pass through will apply,” he warned.

Have Ticket Prices Increased?

Helvacıkara stated that ticket prices for flights to European countries have increased noticeably since June 21, when German visa applications started to be received, and that while last month, very comfortable flight tickets to countries such as Germany, Switzerland and the Netherlands were available for 390 TL, today it is 390 TL. Noting that TL European Tickets can be found almost only for flights departing from 2022, he said, “As the travelers get their visas without any problems in the coming days, the demand for flight tickets will increase and this will put upward pressure on flight ticket prices.”

What is the latest situation in the airline industry?
Helvacıkara continued as follows: The airline industry has put a heavy test for nearly two years. People were compulsorily restricted from their freedom of movement. In the last one and a half years, more than 50 house closures and intercity travel bans have been implemented in Turkey, the last of which ended with 17 days of total closure. This overwhelms even the normally non-traveling audience. Our prediction is that the journeys will accelerate as the pioneers who first went to Europe return. We calculate this as two 3-month and 6-month periods. In the first 3 months, the waiting and restless group will start to go back to the old days at the point of traveling and boarding as they see those who have had a problem-free journey and come back. The official opening of the border by Thailand in October will accelerate the second 3-month period, and as of January 2022, this acceleration will end and leave its place to air. In other words, in a way, the period of the aircraft’s runway is from today to October, and the period from the moment the plane starts the runway until the wheel cuts off is until the end of January. He said that with the end of January, which will coincide with the 2022 Semester, the airline industry will start flying like an airplane that cuts a tire, and the only thing that matters is that both the industry and other authorities will be well prepared for the flight until the tower takes off, that is, until the end of January.

What Should I Do for Cheap Flight Tickets?
Reminding that it is obvious that ticket prices will increase rapidly, Helvacıkara said, whether your trip is certain or not, if you think you can travel, you have to get your ticket now. Because the price of a one-way ticket, which is currently 390 TL, can easily be seen at the end of August, at the level of 125 euros, ie 1250 TL. This means that you will pay 3 times more for your ticket. However, even if you don’t use the ticket you will get by paying 390 TL today, your loss will probably be about 300 TL with the amount you will get back between 70-100 TL after the penalties.

Pandemic and PCR Test barrier lifted in EU travels

Reminding that tourist visa applications have started for Germany, Austria, Estonia, France, the Netherlands and Malta, the official of cheapucuparmak.com, Helvacıkara, stated that those who have the double Biontech vaccine can travel to these countries by applying for a type C visa without any additional documents or conditions.

Emphasizing that those who have received the first dose of the vaccine can plan a visa application according to the date they will receive the second dose, Helvacıkara said, “Thus, the PCR test obligation, which brings an additional burden in touristic trips, is eliminated, and that a large part of the people who are worried if the PCR test is positive in the country they go to, even if the PCR test is negative. He can plan his travels with ease.

Ending his statement with the emphasis that those who will buy plane tickets should buy it now, Helvacıkara concluded his words by saying, “Airway ticket prices for European countries are still at very reasonable levels, the reason for this is that it has not yet returned to normal, but the numbers that can be bought tickets towards the end of summer will be a dream.” com that they are ready to return to normal and that they are short

He concluded his words by saying that after a while, they will appear before the consumers with innovations that have not yet been implemented.

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