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Driver of Burning BMW X1 Hardly Saved Her Life With Tesla Owners’ Warning

In the incident that took place last week, a BMW X1 suddenly started to burn on the road. The driver, who did not notice the small flames, was warned by Tesla Model Y owners from behind. The driver, who threw himself out before the vehicle turned into a fireball, saved his life in seconds.
Only a few seconds can save lives in the event of an accident or malfunction that may occur in traffic. This is exactly what happened in a recent incident. A BMW SUV, which started to catch fire during the journey, was stopped by the driver and passenger of a Tesla vehicle from behind.

The owner of the BMW X1, who was warned after a small follow-up, got out of the vehicle where the flames were growing. The vehicle, which exploded shortly after the driver moved away from the car, turned into a fireball.

Driver escaped in seconds
bmw x1

Tesla vehicles have come to the fore with claims that they have caught fire on their own several times before. However, Tesla was in the role of savior of a burning vehicle this time. The couple, who own a Tesla Model Y, noticed something strange in the vehicle in front as they were walking calmly on the road. A large cloud of smoke emerged from the exhaust of the BMX X1 just ahead. Even though Tesla said that the inside of the vehicle “probably passed over something that produces dust”, smoke continued to come out of the vehicle.

After a while, the couple, who saw that a small flame was burning under the vehicle, continued on the road by accelerating a little and constantly honking to warn the owner of the vehicle. When they finally reached the BMW at the traffic lights, the Tesla driver shouted, “Your car is on fire.” The BMW driver, who immediately left his vehicle and left the area, escaped cheaply. Seconds later, the vehicle exploded and surrendered to the domination of the flames. The effort of the couple inside Tesla to warn the driver of the burning vehicle was reflected in the camera of Tesla Model Y.

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