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Cyber Attack on Online Voting System in Russia, where ‘Online Election’ was held

The Ministry of Digital Development and Communication of Russia announced that a cyber attack was carried out on the system that allows voting on the Internet for the Doma elections. In the incident reported by Sputnik, it was stated that the center of the attacks was the USA, Germany and Ukraine.
Serving as Russia’s state news agency, Sputnik made a striking statement about the ongoing election process in the country. In the statements made on the subject, it was stated that a cyber attack was being carried out on the voting system over the internet, and the centers of these attacks were the USA, Germany and Ukraine.

Russia went to elections in Doma, the lower house of the general parliament, today. The Russian government, which has established a system for conducting elections over the internet under the shadow of coronavirus measures, seems to have a difficult time maintaining this system. Because the latest news reveals that hackers are trying to enter the system with DDOS attacks.

It is requested to enter the authentication system

According to the news of Sputnik, hackers are trying to enter the authentication system with their attacks. However, Sputnik, who stated that there was no such thing so far, wrote that the attacks continued to be repelled. No one knows exactly what will happen in the next hours.

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