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An iPhone Doesn’t Make It Easy: Here Are The Most Failed Apple Products In History

Apple is the maker of some of the most popular personal tech products, that’s true, but that wasn’t always the case. Let’s dive into this forgotten past together on our list of the most failed Apple products in company history.
Since its inception, Apple has become one of the world’s largest computer, technology and software companies with its success and creativity. iMac, iPod, iPhone, iPad, iTunes, iOS… All of these have been embraced and consumed by so many people that when you hear the word “i” alone, the first thing that comes to mind is Apple.

Despite all these successes, like every other company, Apple has experienced various failures and setbacks in its history. While going through these processes, some of its products were subjected to harsh criticism by users and technology critics. Some of their products were not sold or the products that were sold were extremely unsuccessful. We’ve compiled a list of the most unsuccessful Apple products for you with a brief look at history.

Apple Quicktake 200 digital camera (1994):

For Apple, the Quicktake 200 was a move that stood out as one of the first digital cameras to get out of the downturn they were in. Although a camera that can be connected directly to a computer may seem simple now, in 1994 it was no more than a dream for many.

One of the major issues with the Apple Quicktake 200 was its price. Apple attributed the price of $ 749 to the fact that the technology was the first. However, that wasn’t the only problem. The camera had a very bad resolution and a very low memory of only 8 photos. It also lacked focus and preview features. The biggest problem was that the camera was only compatible with Apple computer series Mac.

Apple Newton (1993):

When the company again broke new ground and launched the Apple Newton, it was showcased as the first of today’s pocket computer technology. When it was introduced as a kind of pocket assistant, it aimed to meet people’s needs such as notebooks or contacts.

When the Newton started to be used, its problems also came to light. First of all, the software was really hard to manage and was constantly causing unwanted bugs. Especially the handwriting feature was so bad that it was ironically mocked in cartoons and TV series at that time. In addition to these problems, when the sale price of $ 699 was added, Newton was not very popular; It has earned its place on our list of the most unsuccessful Apple products.

Power Mac G4 Cube (2000):

It may sound a little interesting to you that it is on our list of the most unsuccessful Apple products. In fact, the Power Mac G4 Cube is one of the most beloved products in Apple history for a large number of people. The reason is its magnificent visual design. It is so aesthetically pleasing that there is a Power Mac G4 Cube in New York’s Museum of Modern Art.

Of course, visual design is a very important factor for individual technological products. However, the product was very weak in terms of usability, which is the main thing. Maintaining the expensive standard in this product, the detail that Apple overlooked was the overheating problem and the skeleton being very susceptible to cracking or breaking. In addition to these problems, the Power Mac G4 Cube was also experiencing low performance problems. Still, Apple managed to make a decent number of sales with its outstanding visual success.

Macintosh TV (1993):

In fact, in 1993, when the product was produced, it was a revolution with its technology that allows watching television from a computer. Besides being the first Mac to be produced in black, it was a desktop set consisting of a small controller, a mouse, and a keyboard. The problem was that it was one of the ugliest, vulgarest things Apple had ever produced—or perhaps even later. As successful as the Power Mac G4 Cube is, imagine the opposite.

Macintosh TV could not achieve the desired sales figures, it was withdrawn from the market in a very short time and its production was stopped. In this short time, approximately 10,000 units were sold. This number took its place in history as the lowest sales figure among Apple products.

20th Anniversary Macintosh (1997):

In 1997, the computer produced by Apple in honor of its 20th anniversary, although it had an aesthetic design, was pocket-worthy with a selling price of 7500 dollars. The main problem was that the computer was just an image. Although it was a very aesthetic design for its period, it was a very bad computer in terms of performance.

The computer, which was initially thought to be produced as the main product, was then offered for sale as a limited and special series. This also contributed to the price increase. However, in the content of the computer, the design of which was completed in a very short time, the poor performance was harshly criticized by the users, as Apple preferred the components that are already used.

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