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Animal Antibodies to Kovid Suppression

According to a research institute in Belgium, a type of antibody that successfully responds to new Kovid strains has been found in the bodies of llamas.

They point out that these antibodies are even more effective than the usual Covid vaccines.

Lamas are endemic to South American countries.

A research institute in Belgium has discovered that a naturally occurring antibody in the animal’s body, Winter, has a suppressive response to the Kovid virus.

Scientists say they used antibodies from a llama named “Winter” at a zoo in Belgium.

They say that these antibodies are more effective than the usual Kovid vaccines.

The researchers also said that the antibodies had the ability to inactivate new Kovid strains.

The antibody was tested on a healthy group of volunteers and on Kovid infected people.

It has been identified that it has provided adequate protection to both the sick and the healthy.

Winter antibodies to coronaviruses, SARS and MERS, have been tested in the past, the report said.

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